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About Win Nintendo Switch OLED Giveaway

The 7 inch OLED display is a beauty, even though the resolution is still just 720 p. Games like The Legend of Zelda really showcased the potential of the new OLED screen – it’s bright, colorful and the contrast has improved massively. Even on the simple Home screen, lettering comes across with clarity and colors are vibrant, popping out of the display. 

Where you really make the most of the new 7 inch OLED panel is in tabletop mode where two players both use the display at the same time using a JoyCon controller each. It makes loads of sense to have that bit more screen real estate which combined with the improved viewing angles means you can both see the display much better.

If you plan to play in handheld mode a lot then it’s definitely worth spending the extra cash because the OLED model has improved brightness and contrast. In terms of quality, it feels more like using a small tablet than the majority of handheld consoles I’ve used in the past. 

You’ll recognize the Nintendo Switch OLED’s design because it’s almost identical to what came before it. There’s a tiny power button and volume controls on the top left of the frame and the game card slot sits on the opposite side. On the underside, there’s a USB-C charging port and two system connector holes which attach the console to the dock. 

The OLED model measures 102 x 242 x 13.9mm with the Joy-Cons attached which is just a little taller than the original. It weighs just over 20g more now as well, so 420g in total. Despite a slight increase in size, it’s still comfortable to use in handheld mode, although you’re less likely to be able to slide it into your pocket. 

The two thin Joy-Cons slide down onto the edge of the screen using the side rails. The left controller has an L button and minus button with the Left Stick below it, followed by directional buttons and a capture button to take screenshots during play. On the right controller, there’s an R button, plus button, the A/B/X/Y buttons, the Right Stick and the Home button. Each Joy-Con has an SL and SR button on the inside edge.

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