World Giveaways FAQs share Free International Giveaway links from around the world on our website. The giveaways are picked manually and it all trusted giveaways 🙂

  1. Click the Enter Giveaway button on giveaway post
  2. Do all existing task (like follow IG, follow & retweet Twitter, follow Facebook, subscribe YouTube, follow Twitch, etc)
  3. Done, you have entered the giveaway

The winners will be announced on the giveaway link that you have entered (example : gleam form, upviral, kingsumo, etc) not on our website, because we only share the giveaway links. 🙂

Yesss, all the giveaways on are real.

We checked every giveaways manually before we posting it, so don’t worry 🙂

Sorry, but we have no control over the giveaways or the outcomes of them. just shares the free international giveaway links from worldwide / international not own the giveaways

Absolutely yess, shares free International / worldwide Giveaways, so wherever you are, you have the same chance to win the giveaways, but there are some giveaways which are only available in certain countries/regions.

Good luck 🙂

Absolutely Yes, are the biggest & trusted giveaways website, providing free online giveaways from authentic sources. All the Giveaways are picked manually and it can be trusted. Join now and be the next winner. 🙂