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Arbor Day Giveaway Prizes

As part of the Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown 2021, you unveil stunning daily deals each day of April.

It addition, you can can win dozens of epic prizes worth thousands of dollars.

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Time to unwind: Win a Best Western Hotel Voucher

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Best Western Hotels 02

Win 2 nights for 2 persons (incl breakfast) in a Best Western hotel of your choice.

Choose from: Best Western Plus Kurhotel in Bad Staffelstein (Germany), Best Western Premier Central Hotel Leonhard in Feldkirch (Austria) and the Best Western Premier Hotel Slon in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Read more.

Value: 635 USD

Adventure is calling! Win an UNA 1-Person Tree Tent (2.0)

Tentsile Tree Tent UNA 2 for the Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown 2021

This lightweight 1-person tent from Tentsile comes with a built-in insect mesh and removable rainfly and is ideal for solo hiking, backpacking and bikepacking adventures. Read more.

Value: 305 USD

Boost your website traffic: Win an in-depth SEO Report

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Your Vegan Marketer 09

 plus a personal call with SEO legend Hartej Kahai from Your Vegan Marketer.

Keen to supercharge your website traffic? Then this prize is for you. Get an in-depth SEO report followed by a personal consultation from SEO superstar Hartej Kahai. Learn more.

Value: 800 USD

Chillax at home: Win the Kushel Home Spa Box

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Kushel Towels Home Spa Box

Fancy getting cozy at home? Then this Home Spa Box from Kushel is for you.

It includes 2x Guest Towels, 2x Hand Towels and 2x Bath Sheets – and plants 12 trees!

Do yourself a favor and win this Spa Box. You’ll get a soft, addicting Kushel hug each and every day for the rest of your life! Read more.

Value: 215 USD

Fancy a drink? Win 6 bottles of this perfect Pinot Noir

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Kromer Wine

Like good wine? Then you’ll love this superb Pinot Noir by German wine artist Marco Kromer.

You can win 6 bottles of the popular MK2, a dark red wine that will leave you craving for more. Learn more.

Value: 123 USD

Dog Lover? This is for You!

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Goldpaw 10

Do you love dogs? Then you’ll love this prize! GoldPaw sponsors a Stretch Fleece, a Sun Tee, a collar and a leash for your dog.

Of course you can choose size and color for each. Learn more.

Value: 130 USD

Win The World’s Most Popular Board Game – Made of Wood

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Woodchuck 07 Chess Set 1

Correct, chess is the world’s most popular board game. Ready to play?

Win yourself this beautifully handcrafted wooden chess set from Woodchuck.

Bonus: Get it personalized on the inner lid! Makes for the perfect gift. Learn more.

Value: 221 USD

Stunning Serpent Amulet Necklace

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Catori Life 09 Serpent Amulet

A snake’s tendency to stay ever so close to the earth reminds us to stay grounded and true to the soil that nurtures us.

Win yourself or your loved one this stunning Serpent Amulet Necklace made of bronze by Catori Life. Learn more.

Value: 132 USD

A Backpack Made of Paper?

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Papero Bags 03 1

Win yourself this lightweight, sturdy and water resistant backpack made of … yes, paper!

It offers 28 liters of volume, weighs as little as 800 grams and grants a 100% good conscience, since it’s also vegan and made of FSC certified Kraft paper.

Questions? Learn more.

Value: 113 USD

And a Bed Made of Cardboard?

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Room in a Box 04

Hands down: Did you ever think you could win a bed made of cardboard?

No? Good you’re here. Because yes – yes you can.

Room in a Box offers this impressive bed, 33cm high and between 80-200cm wide – depending on your preference. (Yes, that bed adapts to your daily mood.)

Intreegued? Learn more.

Value: 118 USD

Want to gift Awareness?

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Treecelet Bracelets 07

Have you ever thought about gifting awareness?

Here’s your opportunity: Each of these 4 beautiful bracelets reminds his bearer daily of the importance of trees and an intact planet.

These 4 best-selling Original Treecelet bracelets come in separate separate minimalist eco-friendly gift box made from recycled cardboard – the perfect gift.

Even better: Each bracelet plants 3 trees. Learn more.

Value: 122 USD

BBQ for the Planet!

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Prime 6 09

BBQ parties should be fun for everyone around, don’t you agree?

Unfortunately, oftentimes mother nature is forgotten in this calculation, as her beloved kids (aka trees) are burned to grill that food.

But fear not, Prime 6 comes to the rescue: Here are 44 lbs (2 x 22 lbs) of 100% sustainable BBQ burners! Learn more.

Value: 100 USD

The Ultimate Snack Attack Hack!

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Pulsitos 02

Did you just get hungry thinking about your next BBQ?

Lucky you that Pulsitos comes to the rescue: They offer you an entire month’s supply of Pulsitos!

That’s 36 packs of guilt-free, delicious snacks.

Plastic-free, vegan, healthy. Have you entered your email in this sweepstake already?

If not: Pulsitos throws in an original Pulsitos backpack for you to win! Learn more.

Value: 90 USD

Wood the F**k?

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar wijld 10

Ever worn a t-shirt made of wood?

We thought so. Hence good that wijld gives away a 50 € voucher to go shopping on their website.

All you need to do is throw your name and email in that sweepstake form and win that wood! Learn more.

Value: 60 USD

This could be yours!

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Crocpak 04

What? No. Not the hot guy.

That even sexier thing on his back!

It’s an eco-friendly, waterproof, anti-theft backpack made by Crocpak! It’s made of recycled plastic and is guaranteed to be waterproof for life!

And if you wear one you probably do score that hot guy as well.

(In case you prefer girls over guys: Check out their Insta. #nuffsaid) Learn more.

Value: 77 USD

Gifting happiness

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar vidday 06

Tired of not seeing your loved ones?

Don’t fret: Vidday finally brings them right back to you(r screen).

Win a 96 USD voucher to delight your family and friends with personal happiness videos.

Cause what’s better than sharing a laugh? Learn more.

Value: 96 USD

Climate-friendly Coffee Time

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar SwipedOn 05 Grand Giveaway Prize Eco Cups

Missing those coffee table chats with your colleagues in the office?

SwipedOn not just makes contactless sign-in a breeze, but also offers a set of sustainable coffee mugs for your office.

Enter the giveaway now to delight your co-workers!

Note: The design of the cups may vary. The Eco-Cups will be ordered from a local supplier once the winner has been drawn, to minimize transport emissions.

Value: 100 USD

Vodka for a Green World

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Sapling Spirits 03

“Sorry, I don’t have time to drink and socialize, I need to save our planet.”, is clearly an excuse of the past.

Sapling Spirits gives away 2 of their 70cl bottles of finest British vodka.

Now cheers to that! Learn more.

Value: 83 USD

Hustlers & Dreamers – Heads up!

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Hustle and Dream 01

Home office? Self-employed? Entrepreneur? Then you need this productivity-boosting bundle from Hustle & Dream.

It comes with all bells and whistles and includes a personalised Hustle & Dream quarterly planner bundle (4 planners), sexy social media templates and lightroom presets. Details.

Value: 182 USD

Need attention? Get a new logo!

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Chicago Web Design 02

Don’t you think your business deserves way more attention than it currently gets?

Win yourself an eye-catching, attention-grabbing logo created by creativity genius Maya Page herself!

For even more growth, Maya plants 20 trees on top for you. Take a peek.

Value: 499 USD

Green Up Your Household!

Click A Tree Arbor Day Countdown Calendar Friendsheep 07

Our friends from Friendsheep weren’t sure what exactly to sponsor – so they simply sponsored everything!

With this sweeping prize you’ll get:

  • 1x Cool Friends Eco Dryer Balls – Set of 6 (penguins)
  • 1x Sun is Shining Organic Essential Oil – 15ml
  • 1x Berta the Honeybee & Sisters Eco Toys – Set of 3
  • and 1x One Less Plastic Bag Organic Cotton Tote.

Learn More.

Value: 68 USD

Professional Growth? Yes, please!

The Assistant Room helps you go places. Places such as the corner office on the top floor – if that’s what you’re after.

Enter the sweepstake for your chance to win one free annual membership as a Rising Star!

Sounds like that has my name tag on it.

Value: 333 USD

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