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About Win Epomaker RT100 Keyboard – Valentine’s Giveaway

97 Keys Compact Design with A Multi-media Knob

While the mechanical keyboard is the essential star on every gamer or coder’s desktop, not everyone is fond of a full-size keyboard. The space-saving design can also offer you the same experience as a 100% keyboard does, with no compromise in its function. By default, the knob can be used for media control such as turning the volume up/down and pausing or resuming play for music and video. And as a highly customizable keyboard, the ability of the knob is endless as you can set it with the accompanying software.

Powerful Software – Macro, Backlight & Mini-TV Animation Programmable

The true spirit of Epomaker is customization, and RT100 has also adopted such a spirit to its core. The proprietary software supports creating macros, remapping keys, and changing backlight effects.

Note: the Type-C port for Mini-TV is deep. Make sure the Mini-TV is fully plugged before using the Mini-TV

Whether you wish to remap it all or rebind certain functions to other keys, it can all be done with a few clicks in the driver. What’s more, the patterns and the animations can also be customized by simply uploading the animated file you make. Needless to say, the RT100 is hardly to fail you regarding all your wishes and expectations.

Gasket Mount & Ergonomic Design

The RT100 is gasket mount that can offer soft and flexible typing experience. In order to create the typing experience that suits ergonomic rule, we have also put on a great deal of efforts

The adjustable two-stage feet covered with silicone wrapping can support the keyboard at different typing angles that suit your typing posture and protect your wrist, shoulder, and neck from damage caused by extensive typing. In addition, the keycaps are slightly lifted and designed in an MDA profile for a better angle that’s healthier for your wrists.

Hot-Swappable Kailh Socket

The core of a satisfying mechanical keyboard experience is of course the switches that respond to every click and clack with rewarding action and sound. As each switch offers a unique typing experience, a hot-swappable board that allows one to change switches freely will be of great convenience to any keyboard enthusiasts. The class-A Kailh sockets are selected also because they support 5-pin hot-swap, which will save you a lot of troubles in future modding.

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