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About Win a Peloton Bike Giveaway 2023 ($1500 Value)

Peloton Bike Construction


  • Solid Steel Frame
  • This bike is sturdy and stable. It sits snugly on the floor and doesn’t rock, even when you stand out of the saddle. Sturdy stabilizers under the front and rear of the bike hold it securely. We are impressed with overall construction and bike geometry.
  • Points of Adjustment
  • There are three points of adjustment, which should work for most riders. You can move the seat up and down, forward and aft; you can also move the handlebars up and down.
  • However, the lack of a fore/aft adjustment on the handlebar stem means taller riders cannot move the screen back away from their knees. While you can raise the screen, it may not be enough to reduce knee encroachment with the handlebars.


  • You will need a cycling shoe with the attached Look cleats installed. These are not hybrid pedals, so there is no option for an athletic shoe.
  • The power cord plugs into the rear stabilizer and then into any standard wall outlet. You have to have both a wall outlet and WiFi to run the Peloton app.


  • Comfort and Design
  • As mentioned above, the Peloton does have a narrow, racing-style saddle similar to those found on road bikes. This reduces friction on the rider’s undercarriage. While spin bike saddles are notoriously uncomfortable, the Peloton actually gets high marks for having a remarkably comfortable saddle. I sat side-by-side on the Peloton and the NordicTrack s22i and the Peloton saddle is substantially softer. Kudos to Peloton for making what is typically the most uncomfortable feature tolerable for those long rides!
  • Two Seat Adjustments
  • You can raise and lower the saddle as well as move it forward and aft. Ideal positioning keeps a gentle 25-35 degree bend in the knee with the foot flat in the pedal. Seat adjustment on the Peloton is adequate. There are measurements on both the seat tube and saddle carriage so you can find the right setting each time. This is especially helpful for households with multiple riders.
  • Tall riders may want to verify sizing before purchasing a Peloton.


  • Flywheel weight & functionality
  • At 19” in diameter, it gains and maintains speed nicely to keep a fluid rotation and a comfortable pedal stroke. There is no jerkiness when pulling the pedals upward and no heaviness in the backend of the rotation like we see with lighter-weight wheels. The flywheel is housed in a protective casing to protect it from rust, dust, or other debris.



  • 22″ Android Touchscreen
    • This is a nice sized screen; if anything it feels too large sometimes, especially when you stand up out of the saddle and hinge over the handlebars. In this position, it feels like screen encroaches a little in the rider’s head space. However, the screen is easy to both see and reach when sitting in the saddle.
  • Screen Attachment
  • There are external wires extending from the back of the screen that are tethered to the mounting post with a velcro strap and then dangle loosely down the front of the bike before connecting under the driveshield. This external wiring is not our favorite. It’s not clean and could be dangerous.
  • Screen Movement
  • The screen is securely attached to the bike so it doesn’t rock or wobble while you ride. It also gently pivots up and down. However, it doesn’t swivel. So when doing classes off the bike, you cannot move the screen to see it better. It would be really nice if the screen could swivel from side to side.
  • Functionality
    • Functionality is streamlined between the bike, the app, and the screen. It feels intuitive to just tap the screen while riding to change metrics or adjust resistance. Leveled resistance buttons on the console (or handlebars) would enhance functionality, however, in all, the touchscreen is impressive.
  • Touchscreen
    • Almost all navigation is built into the screen. Touchscreen capability keeps the console very simple and sleek. The screen is responsive when touched; we found it to work well even with sweaty hands. We love the touchscreen functionality here, although it wouldn’t hurt to have a few quick touch buttons for resistance and speed levels. The resistance knob is not super precise so finding the right level takes a bit of adjusting.

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