Enter to Win $10,000 in Prize Deity’s 2021 Milestones

We crossed over 35K on Instagram last week and we are so so so close crossing 10K on Twitter and 35K on Youtube. And to celebrate what we’ve been able to do with your help and what we are about to do we wanted to give back to you all.

We want to say thank you!

And we have become known for celebrating such milestones with giveaways. But we wanted this giveaway to be BIG. We want lots of people to win and share in this excitement. We also wanted to add some entry methods that allow you all to come along on this journey with us, even if you’ve entered our past contest.

Grand Prize Winner: DeityV-Mic D4 DUO, S-Mic 2 Kit, HD-TX, Deity Baseball Hat(+$700 in value)

Next 5 Winners: Deity V-Mic D4 DUO

We are giving away gear to a total of 6 people! Yup, this giveaway goes to 6 lucky individuals.

Some methods of entry are allowed to be done daily, so make sure you take note. Others may allow you to share them to multiple people in multiple ways so be sure to check that out to maximize your entries. When it comes time to announce the 6 winners we will share that info here on this page the day after the contest is over. The order they are displayed in is the order that will determine which prizes go to which winners. Thank you!

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