Enter to Win $1,000 Flight Voucher Giveaway by Charlie Berry

If you haven’t seen your family in a year. If you’re worn out and need a vacation. If you need something to look forward to.

My new song “Something About Airports” comes out on April 16th so to celebrate I’m giving away $1000 in flight vouchers for the airline of your choice. 

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

1. enter your name and email (so I have a way to let you know when you win!)

2. Pre-Save on Spotify or on your preferred streaming service. (This one is mandatory for valid entry)

3. Follow me on Spotify!

4. You’ll receive a personalized referral code. You’ll get an EXTRA entry for every successful referral. Text it to your friends! Email it! Tweet it! Share it on your instagram story!

There will be 2 winners. One lucky person will receive a $750 flight voucher. One slighly less Iucky but still very lucky person will receive a $250 flight voucher.

Sometimes the most profound human experiences are hidden in the most ordinary parts of our lives. Hidden in plain sight inside a grocery store, a carpool line, or in the case of this song, an airport.

I recognize that some might find it offensive to encourage air travel at this time. The vouchers will be valid for a period of time depending on the airline that you prefer. Travel when you feel ready.

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