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Apos is (are) running wonderful giveaway to gift 1 in total of their follower(s). To enter in their latest giveaway grab your free entries by click the giveaway link below and follow the instructions

About Apos Tube Amp & Keycaps Giveaway

Apos is giving away more than $800 of value with the xDuoo TA-22 DAC/Tube Amp, Apos Ray 12AU7 Tubes, and GMK Hanami Dango Keycap Set Base Kit. 

The xDuoo TA-22 is a desktop DAC and balanced tube headphone amplifier that provides high performance USB, optical, coaxial, and Bluetooth 5.1 audio decoding for audiophile level music listening. 

With the Apos Ray 12AU7 Tubes, you can bring your TA-22 sound to the next level. The hi-hats cut through with clarity, while vocals are soulful, textured, and realistic. With impressive depth and separation, these tubes promise sound that’s clear, resolving, and an absolute delight to your ears. 

Last, but not the least, you can add the GMK Hanami Dango Keycap set to your mechanical keyboard for a unique and timeless look. Inspired by the delicious and colorful Japanese sweet, is an epitome of tasteful design. Its pink, white, and green mochi-rice dumpling-colored keycaps are reminiscent of the festive skewers seen during Sakura viewing.

One lucky winner will get an xDuoo TA-22 DAC/Tube Amp, Apos Ray 12AU7 Tubes, and a GMK Hanami Dango Keycap Set Base Kit courtesy of Apos. This is over $800 of value in the giveaway.

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