99Giveaway - How to win Giveaway

How to Win Giveaway?

How to Win Giveaway? – In this modern era, giveaway have become one of the hobbies and routines of people, whether based on random luck or competition. Every day, we are sure to see some small or big giveaway announcements. We often decide to participate.

99Giveaway - How to win Giveaway

If you are a person who likes to compete, giveaways can be the right place to get a prize at the same time. Mainly, giveaways are indeed used as a means to have fun. However, the prizes offered are also often tempting so we hope, right?

What would happen if we understood the “formula” in winning a giveaway? Of course it will be very profitable! Unfortunately, of course there is no special formula to win every giveaway prize. Even so, there are tips and ways to win a giveaway that can make us stand out more and be ready to win.

These tips don’t cheat at all, well worth a try. Before that, let’s take a look at the giveaway itself.

What is Giveaway?

Technically, when we hear the term ‘giveaway‘, we think of it as a draw when a prize is given to a participant who is selected from a random pool of participants. In this case, a giveaway is a ‘draw’.

Meanwhile, giveaway artistically refers to a fun way to increase the number of audience in a promotion. Of course this will happen because a brand will be giving away prizes.

Keep in mind, giveaways generally do not charge a fee for participants to participate. Therefore, we certainly often see the words “free of charge” or “borne by the host”.

Giveaway Types

This time, let’s discuss the types of giveaways that are often seen, especially on the internet. Actually, what are the types of giveaways and their uses?

1. Self Giveaway

Like the name, an independent giveaway or self-giveaway is an event that is held independently by a particular brand. This starts from the provisions, promotions, to prizes. In general, this type of giveaway is usually done by entrepreneurs who are already proficient, have many customers, and have their own marketing budget.

For this reason, this one giveaway is often varied, both in terms of implementation, the conditions required, and the prizes. Usually, giveaways have conditions in the form of uploading on a social media account or following the organizer’s account.

As for the prizes, independent giveaways will usually provide products in the form of physical goods or digital prizes according to the type of business.

2. Sponsored Giveaway

This type of giveaway is completely different from the first type. Because the sponsor in question means the giveaway is organized by a third party commonly called the host. Meanwhile, companies only need to pay a service fee to the host. This will certainly make it easier for the company because the entire series will be considered by the third party.

For us as the general public, this type of giveaway is also quite tempting because it is generally followed by several brands at once. Just imagine, the giveaway will look bigger and the chances of winning will increase.

The Present Giveaway is All Digital

Everything that is present must not be separated from the influence of the internet. Especially regarding various profitable events. Information also spreads through social media and reaches more and more people. It’s easier to access, so we don’t have to do anything troublesome just to win the giveaway!

At this time, the organization of the giveaway is even more transparent. Brands will offer certain prizes and we as potential consumers will indirectly carry out a lively and lively campaign. So, who isn’t interested in participating in a giveaway and winning the prize?

How to Win a Giveaway?

After knowing the ins and outs of the giveaway, there is nothing wrong if we also participate in this event by preparing certain tips. So, the chances of winning also increase. Want to know? Check out the reviews below!

1. Find the Most Visited Giveaway

Look for accounts or sites that are just getting started that not many people have heard of. Those accounts are a great place to increase our chances of winning. Although generally still offer smaller prizes, the chances of winning are still quite large.

For example, if you like to enter giveaways with book prizes, of course this prize will be very valuable even though it is not as expensive as a motorbike or car prize. Moreover, the chance to win is still great because the fans are more conical.

2. Don’t Forget the Rules

As we know, every giveaway has its own rules. Unfortunately, many people forget the rules or don’t read them well. In addition to wasting time, we can also experience great disappointment if we win a prize. Why? This means that Grameds will be automatically disqualified if it does not follow the rules like all other participants.

Don’t let this situation happen to us! What needs to be done, of course, is to read more carefully about the giveaway description and rules before registering. Don’t be in a hurry and be too ambitious to quickly finish the competition and get the prize.

Not only can it help us to win, paying attention to this can also save energy by not doing things that are not needed. For example, you don’t need to add a selfie in the requested upload if the giveaway organizer doesn’t ask for it.

3. Avoid Cheating

Don’t try to use underhand means. This is one of the worst things we can do when entering a giveaway. After all, a giveaway is also a competition, although sometimes it’s not too big and cumbersome.

Not only harming other people who should be entitled, cheating will also become a trap for ourselves. For example, when you enter a giveaway slyly, the organizers are already aware of the possible fraudulent actions we might take and have managed to stop us. Then what will happen?

You may be permanently removed from the participant list, blocked, and various other things. Of course, this is the biggest risk that is highly not recommended. So, try to be a fair participant and avoid any adverse consequences that could occur.

4. Target as many bonuses as possible

In addition to the usual giveaways, now many brands are holding giveaways with bonuses for the participants. Guys, don’t take this for granted and ignore it! It’s best to take advantage of this opportunity immediately. The more we collect bonuses, the better the chances of winning various giveaways in the future.

This bonus is usually related to sharing uploads, mentioning friends, sharing with other social media, and various things. We just have to benefit from the giveaway, and bonuses like this can help to achieve it.

Another great thing to remember is our friends. How can they help? Besides being able to donate bonuses by following the required competition descriptions, they can also do some other things. This refers to the recommendations.

Ask friends to recommend us or vice versa, we are the ones to mention them to enter a giveaway. In this way, we have indirectly brought several people to be interested in participating and this increases the chances of being “seen” by the organizers. However, if you don’t want to do it, there are plenty of forums to find others who are willing.

5. Don’t Hesitate

Sometimes, we are so eager to win a certain giveaway that we are reluctant to try to follow another. Of course, we must still think realistically! Look for other giveaways objectively and calculate every chance to win, don’t limit yourself to trying to enter very specific giveaways. Why?

Of course, this is because our chances are minimal. Among the hundreds or thousands of participants, the chances of winning must be very small. So, it’s better to try to focus on signing up for various giveaways according to our interests. Of course, it’s impossible to have only one wish, right?

While waiting for the announcement after registering for the giveaway, it will be very fun and thrilling. Even so, don’t just wait and be silent, try to continue to register for the next giveaway. This will be more motivating and make us happy when it turns out to win a prize.

6. Check Email or DM Regularly

Don’t just sign up for the giveaway, of course, we also have to check our email or DM (direct message) account. Why so? Because, some giveaways ask us to confirm participation through the messaging we use. This email and DM will be useful to receive announcements to see other giveaway offers.

In detail, if the announcement is made via email or DM, the organizer will usually confirm whether our account is active and willing to accept the prize. If we don’t reply soon, they will immediately find another winner and give him a prize. It’s a pity, isn’t it?

So, try to keep an eye on your emails and DMs while participating in the giveaway.

7. Don’t Lock Social Media Accounts

If you enter a giveaway using a locked account, the organizers will have a hard time seeing comments or uploads that have been made. So, the chances of winning the giveaway are so small that it seems impossible.

Try to make creative posts or comments with an open and active account, even before the giveaway period.

8. Entering the Giveaway close to Deadline

There are many giveaways whose winners are selected manually. Even so, not a few also use certain applications or programs to draw the winner among the many participants.

To create a bigger chance to win the giveaway, we can carry out the giveaway requirements closer to the time limit, aka the deadline. For example, you can upload a post or comment an hour before the event closes. This can increase the chances of the raffle application to see and choose our account as the winner of the giveaway!


Apparently, participating in a giveaway doesn’t have to be too relaxed and messy, guys. In order to win faster, there are various tips that we need to do: such as formulating any giveaway strategies that you want to participate in, not being too hesitant to participate in many giveaways, looking for opportunities at events that are still quiet, and various other businesses.

Even so, don’t forget that giveaways are fun prizes. Don’t let us rush into stress just because we’re confused about the giveaway. Remember also that we should not be too hopeful and ambitious.

We know that giveaway is one of the promotional strategies for a brand, but it can’t be separated too far from our luck as participants. if you are interested in winning some giveaway you can visit 99giveaway.com there are lots of free giveaways with very interesting prizes. Good luck! 🙂

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